My Joe Beef

This project was a group collaboration. 


My Joe Beef is an interactive website inviting the viewer to interact with and discover one of Montreal’s most iconic restaurants in a new way. After conduction thorough research on the background of the restaurant, we went to Joe Beef seeking to discover something that is not necessarily visible to the common person. We interviewed David McMillan, the co-owner and chef, about subjects he is not commonly asked, such as gentrification, his relationships with the locals, his impact (positive or negative) and more. We also interviewed an employee, a local and an avid customer about these same subjects. After analyzing the results, we chopped up the restaurant into photographs and mapped it out how we felt expressed out the results the best.


The interactive website consists of 3 views of the restaurant (outside, inside, inside) and clickable elements where either an archival document, video interview, audio interview or picture pop-ups and invites the user to learn more. There is additionally a unique soundscape that plays on each page.In its full set-up, a computer is placed in the middle of many mirrors, inviting the viewer to self-reflect for themselves, such as the contributors in the project. 


My contributions: research, art direction, design, website design.


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By Eva Bambara, Emma Cesvet & Shanel Lessard. 

Intermedia II, Concordia University, 2019.







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