Nonstop round the world

Inspired by my grandfather Yves Gélinas’s great solo voyage around the world aboard his faithful sailboat; Jean-du-Sud, Nonstop around the world explores my own sense of identity and how it is shaped by his experiences.

With my own recollections of tellings, as well as my grandfather’s own memoir and film about the trip, his original work became the essence of my piece.

Reminiscing the sail and borrowing from the storytelling intention of the book, Nonstop around the world evokes both the experience and its effects.

On one side, the markings connect in a way that represent the route my grandfather completed. Do they embody the road on the map around our world’s continents? Absolutely. To me, this road symbolizes much grander discoveries.

On the latter, words taken from his memoir speak directly to me about our relationship and what he has taught me.

Vous décire en detail le pourquoi, le comment,

La motivation profonde, la raison principale

Sur des mots quotidiens, de la prose ordinaire?

Bien difficile: l’essentiel s’explique mal.

Yves Gélinas